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LAXMI MITRA Group is associated with the most technically advanced, sophisticated, environmental conscious Commercial Biotechnology firm in India. We leverage on our extensive knowledge and scientific expertise accumulated over the years in the field of Biotech, to deliver qualitatively superior products and services. We are proud to associate with the most advanced state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Laboratories and an extensive modern nursery helping in Plant propagation and breeding. Our programs include “tailor-designed” “virus indexed” mass propagation of cultivated varieties for specific needs and environmental conditions. We are committed to lead the way for years to come in the field of Bio-Technology  and Organic Products with an increased focus on Return of Investments for farmer communities and a better world as a whole.

Laxmi Mitra Specialties

The Company also caters to a wide variety of other services from entering into contracts directly with Farmers for procurement and sale of Fruits & Vegetables to handling the supply of Organic products, Production and Sale of Bio-Fertilizers/Growth Promoters and Traditional Foods.

We are more like a bridge between Farmers and Consumers for a sophisticated solutions which give a better commercial value to the right farmer and a Health Valuable Products to the Customers.

Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is the growth of Tissues or Cells separate from the Organism or Plant. This is typically facilitated via use of a liquid, semi-solid or solid growth medium called as Agar. 

Organic Products

Organic Products are those which avoid the use of man-made Fertilizers, Pesticides, Growth regulators and livestock feed additives.

Fruit & Vegetables

Around 85% of the Agricultural land in India belongs to small and marginal farmers. Being unorganised, these farmers are unable to realize the good value of their produce.

Our Portfolio

“We Sell Solutions, Not Just Plants & Services”

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