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Tissue Culture:

Tissue culture is the growth of Tissues or Cells separate from the Organism or Plant. This is typically facilitated via use of a liquid, semi-solid or solid growth medium called as Agar. In short, Tissue culture means cloning and micro-propagation of tissues of the selected Elite plants and suckers in a test tube under very controlled and hygienic conditions.

Organic Products (Certified & Recognized) :

Organic Products are those which avoid the use of man-made Fertilizers, Pesticides, Growth regulators and live stock feed additives. Organic farming features practices that recycle resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. This is directly procured from the Farm and with the intrevention of Farmers after thorough inspection.

Growth Promoters :

Growth promoter is a natural/herbal fertilizer, especially designed for the overall growth of the plants. They are highly effective substances, which improve the all round development of the crops by regulating their metabolic activities from root to the leaves. These products are synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives.

Indian Tradional Foods :

Indian Traditional Pickles –  Veg  &  Non veg  with  healthy Oil. Traditional Snacks and Food supply for Small to Medium Groups – Order based to Colleges, Universities, Home Gatherings etc.,

Fruits & Vegetables (Organic & Commercial) :

Around 85% of the Agricultural land in India belongs to small and marginal farmers. Being unorganised, these farmers are unable to realize good value of their produce. We at Laxmimitra source the produce directly from these farmers by entering into contracts with them right at the stage of Plantation and ensure that the farmers get their rightful share of sale proceeds at the time of Harvest

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